segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

M... AS IN MORE!!...

On the road on its way to Porto, going much too fast in the carpeted asphalt. Rather than buying the house were the fine and elegant lines, with currency bytes over the net cord, covered by insistence which led him in search of that strong and disturbing look that kept him suspended, arrested to those forty trimmed carats to a pregnant coy sensuality...

He had arrived five minutes before scheduled time to the real estate office. He saw her sitting at the desk in a black skirt and jacket, a shirt of guessing shapes in its transparency, some stiletto heels, torn and thin lips, straight nose, and long hair, lost in bulk and wild feline look where he immediately wanted to lose himself in the green of her nine lives. They approached with a handshake slightly feeling her spontaneous velvety tremor. Eye-to-eye, they babbled greetings and plentiful distemper smiles. Finally, she withdrew her hand, making the coat leaving an uncovered brightness of her round and firm breast, helpless and appealing. She felt him sighing of inflating impatience and excitement. Chemistry was not confined to test tubes of high school classes. The chain reaction happened right there in waterfalls of smell, eyes and breathe in drafting codes exchanging basted syllables in silence.

Holding hands they flew into a stagnant vertigo at the door of the house with the sign "FOR SELL". As they barely entered the hall, he could not restrain himself and grabbing her wrists, he made her spin around until facing each other and in a continuous act, pushed her against the naked wall, holding her firmly. In between folders, papers and documents scattered on the pavement, he crushed her thin lips and torn them with a long hot kiss, while compressing her body, shaking up in order to feel her sex. Her generous and starving body offered herself to the movement leaving lewd arrest, her face in his gnarled and manly hands. Their eager lips did not find an end to an increasingly long, hot and humid kiss that opened now shift to an exploring tongue who found company leaving in a swirl of fluid of entrapment and desire. She nibbled on her lips now tugging and staring at him. Cunning, his hand came down with a slowly announcement, a possessive form, penetrating her sex, squeezing and stroking it. She withdrew his hand and forced him to ensnare her waist. Stubborn, amid daring and distracted kisses he stroked her belly hanging out with his hand up to rub her breasts, lightly, one of the nipples. In a pace of time they climbed the stairs towards the room in a bar gag. He hugged her from behind taking her coat at forcibly kisses and caresses in her neck. His right hand, stubbornly stroked her sex once again and again she lightly rejected it. It was her turn. He turned his chest covering the lips of excessive per square centimeter of skin. He, totally surrender and lost in the tide waves of those green feline eyes, pushed her onto the bed and dropped his body weight in an enraptured swoon, pulling the flaps of the bouncing shirt buttons, stroking the bra right in a gesture of dexterity.

Her bright and pure denuded breasts, generously surrender to his lips. Without asking, he initiated a rather sweet torture with his tongue leaving a wet trail of desire in her arched and shuddered chest, the tongue danced over her swollen hard and eager nipples, kissing and sucking. He started running them by nibbling the jaws which caused a shiver through her body. He sucked them and he felt her heavily breathing with her nails driven in his hair. He then slowly descended towards her belly, leaving a bright and warm groove. He pulled up her skirt, lifted her legs supporting them on his shoulders. With a lascivious calculated slow motion he pulled her panties as he kissed the visible face of the legs. That opened an exploratory course towards the upside. Without taking off her high heels, he kissed her toes lingering a little after the instep where his tongue performed new tricks. He knelt before her and lifted her legs at the knees. The tongue dragged through the inside of the legs towards the thighs. She stuck her fingernails in his hair pulling the head towards her sex. In less than anything his fingers drove away the folds of the sex which offered itself generously wet to his hungry look and desire. He penetrated her with his tongue; at length, he felt the rumble that shook the thighs and suddenly a hoarse moan came away far from the deepest of pleasures. She pulled him by the shoulders and demanded his bittersweet kiss feeling the odor of their sex.
They llingered in a passionate kiss and then she spun her body around and stood over him. She held his wrists and leaned in order to facilitate the entry of his sex. They started a swinging rhythm, increasingly syncopated, rather eager and quick. Finally they reached a unison climax, an action in two voices. She let herself fall down on his body; nestling on his chest while he played with her long hair...
She left the bathroom and he, sweetly static, appeared in front of her with a spread cloth and fondly hugged her. For a few minutes they stood totally alienated from the outside world that revolved in the geography textbooks. She got away from him, anticipating difficulties and dismissal like the highway that separated their path. Knowing he lived in Lisbon, she wondered the lines that would sew the fact nevertheless keeping hope of love without any interruption. With an inquisitor’s gravely look she asked him:
- And you ... will you come back?
He let himself fall happily exhausted on the bed and in his bright staring eyes he passionately replied:
- No ... I’m staying!